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Day Trading Education

Opes Institute of Online Education

A day trading course designed for absolute beginners, and even the more advanced traders, in order to give them an edge in trading the markets.


“Phil’s course will definitely take you to the next level of trading.
Highly recommend!”

Your journey to freedom

Opes Trading Course is created for those seeking a new journey in the world of trading financial markets.

Our core focus is on skill development, discipline, and mindset. There are no shortcuts in your journey.

Financial freedom and freedom of time will be a by product of mastering these new skills and mindset.

Industry leading education

Over 300+ successful students

Watch. Study. Learn. Repeat​

Simplicity is the key to success

A trading education system uniquely created for 4 markets.

Trade 1 or all 4.

We’ve educated traders from all different skill levels.

There are no shortcuts to become a successful trader. This journey will challenge you and can provide the freedom you are seeking.


Philip Salloum

Founder of Opes Trading Group​


Philip graduated from medical science and radiation science in Sydney Australia. He soon realised that trading time for money is not his definition of freedom.

In 2016, Philip began his trading career after realising the true meaning of freedom. He has always believed that the true meaning of freedom is time, not money.

opes trading group logo

“I believe the true meaning of freedom is the freedom of time and location. With our education and support, your journey as a trader can take you there.”

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