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Olympic Peninsula Mycological Society


Welcome to the  Olympic Peninsula Mycological Society (OPMS). We are made up of fungi enthusiasts of all types and experiences who share a common interest in the study of mushrooms.

If you are new to mushrooming hunting, we hope joining OPMS can give you the opportunity to learn about the numerous fungal species found in Western Washington. We are delighted to have you join us!

If you are an experienced “shroomer,” new to our area, or just new to the club, we welcome your knowledge and companionship!

We hope that as a member you will engage, involve, and immerse yourself in one or more of the activities and/or specific areas of interest and expertise of our mycology club. Hopefully you will find a part of it to which you feel connected, as the real purpose behind joining a club is to be part of it, not only to join it.

As part of our new website, Members please check out our forums.  When individual members share their knowledge, the club is enriched.

Up-to-date information on impromptu local forays and news about current emerging mushrooms will available as well as a variety of discussion topics including identification, cultivation and photography.   Everyone is invited to contribute to making this a most excellent mycology club!

Upcoming Events

Next Meeting
November 9,
featuring Alissa Allen

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For more information write:
P. O. Box 2232
Sequim, WA 98382
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