Welcome to OPMS

Olympic Peninsula Mycological Society


Welcome to the  Olympic Peninsula Mycological Society (OPMS). We are made up of fungi enthusiasts of all types and experiences who share a common interest in the study of mushrooms.

If you are new to mushrooming hunting, we hope joining OPMS can give you the opportunity to learn about the numerous fungal species found in Western Washington. We are delighted to have you join us!

If you are an experienced mushroomer, new to our area, or just new to the club, we welcome your knowledge and companionship!

We hope that as a member you will engage, involve, and immerse yourself in one or more of the activities and/or specific areas of interest and expertise of our mycology club. Hopefully you will find a part of it to which you feel connected, as the real purpose behind joining a club is to be part of it, not only to join it.  When individual members share their knowledge, the club is enriched.

We hope that the scheduled events will assist our membership to better understand the mycological legacy of the Olympic Peninsula and the Pacific Northwest.  All our Association Events will be posted on our Facebook Group, as well as on our website’s event page

Monthly meetings, held on the 2nd Wednesday, at the Gardiner Community Center will continue to offer all members the comaraderie that comes to people who share mutual interests. The workshops and events provide opportunities for new members to develop skills identifying mushrooms. For members who have been with us for a while, the programs presented by experts in the field will bring insight to the newest developments and techniques. We offer several forays a year; some in the spring and again in the fall. In the past we have had the opportunity to have events in the Cascades at Camp Dudly and out on the coastal range near Forks. Forays are for MEMBERS & their families ONLY. But meetings and classes are open to the public.